About Oakland Bay Jr. High

Oakland Bay Junior High serves students from the Shelton School District in 7th and 8th grades. Students have a 6-period day. Classes include math, ELA, science, history, PE, and an elective such as engineering, computer sciences, art, swimming, NJROTC, choir, band, or piano. We typically have about 600 students attending OBJH. We offer a full range of sports and clubs for students to participate in. 

Staff Directory

Name Title Email
Adams, Stacey Counselor-8th grade [email protected] 
Bigelow, Drew Instructional Coach [email protected]
Clift, Mary Health/ASB/Leadership [email protected]
Cole, Cathy GYM [email protected]
Conklin, Brent History-8th Grade  [email protected]
Cox, Barbie ELA-7th Grade [email protected]
Deyette, Jennifer Math-8th Grade [email protected]
Farley, Jennifer Social Studies-7th Grade [email protected]
Gangewer, Paige Assistant Principal  [email protected]
Gardner, Marie SPED [email protected]
Garza, Cipriano

Gray, Rose Marie

[email protected]

[email protected]
Heck, John Math-8th Grade [email protected]
Howard, Stephanie Life Skills [email protected]
Johnston, Elizabeth ELA-8th Grade/Yearbook [email protected]
Kass, Dan Remediation [email protected]
Kass, Tracy Social Studies-7th Grade [email protected]
Krause, Whitney Science-7th Grade  [email protected]
MacLean, Mark GYM [email protected]
Marshall, Maryann Principal [email protected]
McCabe, Heather SPED [email protected]
McCoy, Dean History-8th Grade [email protected]
McCoy, Michaela  Science-8th Grade [email protected]
McGrane, Colin Math-7th Grade [email protected]
Nielsen, Becky Counselor-7th Grade [email protected]
Ochoa, Toni Science-8th Grade [email protected]
Pastor, Leo Math-7th Grade [email protected]
Perigo, Kristey Math-8th Grade [email protected]
Salisbury, Chris Computer Science [email protected]
Sanders, Nick Band/Choir/Piano [email protected]
Sells, Doug Engineering-8th Grade [email protected]
Sims, Laura SPED [email protected]
Smith, Joren ELA-7th Grade [email protected]
Smith, Roxy Art [email protected]
Summers, Ben Engineering-7th Grade [email protected]
Tillman, Dana Science-7th Grade  [email protected]
Yantis, April  ELA-8th Grade [email protected]